To give birth at home, it tempts me

To give birth at home, it tempts me

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"For my first baby, I gave birth at the hospital, but for the second, I would prefer to stay home.Many people around me tell me that it is impossible.Is that right?" Madeleine Moyroud, wise -wife, answer Emily's question.

The answer of Madeleine Moyroud, midwife

  • Home birth is not forbidden. Every insured midwife has the legal right to practice it. This type of birth is quite rare in France, although there is a growing demand from couples who may have been dissatisfied with the course of a first birth, sometimes considered to be undergone and impersonal.
  • While home birth is often associated with high risk, it is common practice in many countries without endangering mothers and babies. In France, few professionals accompany these births, but directories exist where you may find a midwife near you. She will explain the practicalities and will determine if your state of health allows you to consider it. Not all moms can choose such an option because the pregnancy must be perfectly normal.

The mothers' point of view

  • "After searching the Internet, I found a Liberal midwife near my home who agreed to bring my third child to my home, we had a long discussion and everything went well without the need to appeal. Samu If you really want it, it's possible. " Aurélie
  • "For my first child, I preferred to give birth at the maternity ward because I was inexperienced, but for the second, I opted for home birth, I was well prepared with relaxation classes, info on how to manage the contractions, and I talked about it with my husband to be sure that he agreed to accompany me on this adventure, everything went well. " Camille

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