8 games around music

8 games around music

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Music, little ears love! For the Fête de la musique, here is a selection of fun games around the sounds and music to offer them to let off steam.

8 games around music (8 photos)

Do you know the song?

All the children sit in a circle, except one who turns around the circle, singing in his head a familiar air of the childish repertoire.
When you say "Stop!", He must quickly deliver the few words on which he stopped singing: for example "Carpet, red carpet".
The first child who recognizes the song gets up and runs after him to catch him before he takes his place.

Let the music !

The idea? A giant concert ... a game to book so preferably in a garden!
Unwrap the instruments: everything is possible, the cookware with spoons for typing, the maracas (two small plastic bottles, filled with rice), metal lids as cymbals, whistles ... not to mention the sounds of mouth and the hands that we tap, the tubes in which we blow ...
The conductor is you. Maestro music.
It's cacophony? Uh ... the goal of the game is to let off steam.

Musical cushions

From 3 years old, your children can play musical cushions with as many cushions as small players and a music CD of your choice.
Each player sits on a cushion.
Start the music. All the children are dancing. During this time, you remove a cushion.
When you stop the music. Quick, children must find a cushion.
The little one who does not have one is eliminated. But it is he who will be in charge of removing the next cushion when the music resumes ...

The DJ game

One of the little players plays the role of DJ, the others are the dancers.
As long as the music plays, the children have to dance.
When the DJ stops the music, the dancers must remain motionless, as if frozen.
The last to stop is eliminated. the game begins again and again until only one dancer remains on the track ... the winner!

Who is the little monkey?

The goal of the game: to discover who leads the dance. Come on, today we make the monkeys and we laugh with friends!
A player, who will be the monkey's watchman, leaves the room (or if the children are out walking away), the time for others to decide on a "little monkey" playmaker.
The children are in a circle and the watchman is in the middle.
The little monkey improvises simple gestures: jumping, crouching, making the statue ... with every gesture, everyone imitates it as soon as possible.
The watchman must find out who is the leader of the game.
As soon as it is discovered, the little monkey becomes the watchman and leaves the room ...


Greli-grelot, a classic that can be played with many pebbles in the garden or the beach.
With the children all in a circle, put a number of small pebbles between your joined palms and make them ring while singing: "Greli-grelot, how much money I have in my hoof?"
Small players guess and write the number on paper.
Tip +: If children can not write the numbers, they can answer by drawing lines on the floor.

The Kim-son

Gather a few things: a wooden spoon, a saucepan, an alarm clock, a cell phone, a jug of water, a bell, a newspaper ...
Ask your group of children to look closely at the room and the objects.
Strip the eyes of one or more small volunteers. Will they be able to identify the different sounds?
You can close the book with a snap, serve a big glass of water, snap your fingers, ring your cell phone, kick the pot with the spoon, crumple the newspaper ...

The game of musical chairs

A game that is played indoors or outdoors with a small group of at least 6 children.
Count one chair less than the number of children.
Place them in a very large circle.
Inside, the children do a little round singing for example: "Let's dance the nasturtium, There's more bread at home!" It's at the neighbor's, but it's not for us, you! "
A "you!" all rush to a chair ... the child who has no place is eliminated and finally sits on the chair of his choice. And we start again ... until only one child remains on the track, the little winner.