Playing with Little Brown Bear

Playing with Little Brown Bear

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Little Brown Bear, it's one of the favorite heroes of toddlers! He is too cabbage with his round boils and his life looks so much like theirs! Little Brown Bear goes to school, Little Brown Bear has lost his shadow, the Little Brown Bear bike ride ... discover our game ideas to share with your teddy bear!

The cycling route of Petit Ours Brun

On track Little Brown Bear! To draw the right road, you have to take his best colored pencil and follow the white track ... be careful not to go out of the way. Your artist will have to focus on leading Little Brown Bear to the finish line.

Let's go !

Little brown bear goes to school

Quick quick ! Little Brown Bear must go to school. To get there, he must pass 3 trees, 1 large bush, 1 bakery and a traffic light ... Your artist to draw the right path on his sheet if he does not want Little Brown Bear to get lost.

Accompany Little Brown Bear at school!

Little brown bear and shadows

It's autumn, Little Brown Bear walks in the forest ... when suddenly, damn!, He lost his shadow. To your little curious to find it among the 4 silhouettes proposed. An observation game he will love. Give him a little help if he dries a little ...

Where is his shadow?

Find Little Brown Bear in the children's magazines Popi and Pomme d'Api!

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