I cook with the fingers with granny for Easter

I cook with the fingers with granny for Easter

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In Chinese or princess, too funny hard eggs disguised! And if your little gourmands enjoyed the Easter holidays to cook around eggs with granny. Inratable, safe and not too tiring for granny! A little imagination and voila, your children will create beautiful edible disguises to decorate the eggs on Easter day.

Cécile Dard

I cook with the fingers with granny for Easter (10 photos)

You need :

- 3 medium eggs
- a broken dough
- a pastry brush
- fine wood or plastic knives
- indelible pens or fabric markers


If the broken dough is very thin, just double it by folding it on itself and flattening it with a roll slightly to thicken it.

The hat of the Chinese

Cut an 8 cm square into the dough, cut a 4 cm long cut into the inside of the square from one side.
Wrap the dough to make a cone by welding the edges with a little water.
Place the hat in the refrigerator so that it keeps its shape.

The shoes of the Chinese

Cut out 10 cm x 1 cm length of dough, make a roll and make a circle by welding it with a little water.
Cut out 4 rectangles of 1 cm by 3 cm.
Stack the rectangles in pairs.
Place the egg on the pudding, then all on the rectangles to make shoes.

The crown of the princess

Cut out a strip of 2.5 cm x 14 cm.
Make 5 mm notches as for making pointed waves over a whole length on one side.
Decorate the crown.
Place it in the refrigerator so that it keeps its shape.

The princess's dress

Cut out a strip of 2.5 cm x 15 cm.
Make small vertical strokes along a length and draw a small wave along the entire length.
Wrap the band around the bottom of the egg.
Cut a circle of broken dough from the diameter of the bottom of the dress and place the egg on top.
Stick it with a little water by pinching.


Paint the dough with a mixture of egg yolk (a yellow + a teaspoon of water).


Place the cone hat on the Chinese head and the crown on the princess's head.
Put the whole oven in the oven 150 ° (5) for about twenty minutes (watch closely at the end of cooking).

After cooking

All you have to do is draw on the shell: eyes, a mouth, a small nose, eyelashes and a necklace for the princess, slanted eyes (2 horizontal lines) a small nose and a round mouth for the Chinese .
You can also decorate them with food paint or colored vermicelli candies.
The eggs are disguised and ready to eat.

Tips +

Take out the dough at the last moment from the fridge so that it is not too soft and sprinkle some flour on it so that it is easier to work and does not stick to your hands.
Measurements of the dough pieces may vary according to the size of the eggs. Adjust by always adding 1 cm to overlap and glue the pieces of dough. You can measure your eggs with a seamstress meter.