I have loads of pounds to lose at the maternity exit

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  • How many pounds should I have taken during pregnancy? On average, we consider that the ideal weight gain is between 9 and 10 kilos. Of course, it is not uncommon for a woman of average weight and height to take 13 to 15. I took more? I even - when was it already, the sixth or seventh month? - completely let go? Well yes. After a certain course, I told myself that after all, I wanted to live this pregnancy as a real moment of pleasure, synonymous for me with an intense gastronomic experience.
  • So here I am with my well-fed baby in my arms and once removed from its 3.3 kilograms, the placenta from 1 to 1.5 kilograms and the amniotic fluid from 1 to 1.5 liters, for a total of about 6 kilos, I still have a dozen to loose. Not a problem, according to my girlfriend Comif, according to which Judith Godrèche (or is it Uma Thurman?) Found the line in less than three months, without really dieting. Just a little yoga and meditation. "In the meantime, it's a pity that your white slim jeans and your pink micro-top stay in your closet, you ready them for me?"

How do I nail them

  • On average, it takes a year to regain its weight "before". The problem is that "before", I had time to take care of me ... Today, my priorities have been overhauled and the question kilos does not appear in pole position. Especially if I'm breastfeeding, because it's not the time to go on a diet. If, at the resumption of work or a sports activity, nothing moves on the scale, the best will be to take the advice of a dietician. As for my girlfriend devourer press people, she has obviously zapped fashion pages.
  • This winter, the trend is to oversize : wide pants, high waist, cardigans stitched to my jules, letting see the round shoulders ... In there, the skinnier disappear and the luscious are at the party. My slim? I give it to him with pleasure but frankly, question trend, "it is more"!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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