Insomnia and pregnancy: 4 natural remedies

Insomnia and pregnancy: 4 natural remedies

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Peaceful sleep and pregnancy do not always mix. Insomnia is often part of the small pains of pregnancy. Homeopathy, herbal medicine, yoga ... Fortunately, there are natural solutions to relieve it.

Pregnant sleep disorders, why?

  • During pregnancy, the body undergoes major transformations that can upset certain functions of the body, including sleep. Depending on the different stages of pregnancy, the quality of the pregnant woman's nights may be altered for hormonal, mechanical and psychological reasons, the more the pregnancy will evolve.
  • Nocturnal awakenings due to the desire to urinate, gastroesophageal reflux, the baby who grows and gesticulates in the middle of the night, circulatory problems, back pain, ruminations due to concerns about the baby's health, fear of childbirth ... So many reasons that will disturb the tranquility of nights during pregnancy. And as, it is not possible to take certain treatments, why not turn to natural solutions?
  • For many mothers-to-be, at the approach of birth, thoughts begin to jostle at bedtime: how will the birth, the life with the baby? And there is also all that remains to be done! In this case, difficult to find sleep.


To find the arms of Morpheus, you can help yourself with homeopathic granules:

  • For sleep disorders in general: Passiflora incarnata 5CH (5 granules twice a day)
  • In case of inability to sleep due to excitement, positive impatience: coffea cruda 9 CH, 3 granules at bedtime.
  • In case of stage jitters, unable to sleep for fear of childbirth and / or bedtime anxiety for fear of not falling asleep: Gelsemium 15 CH, 5 granules at night.

Herbal medicine

  • Some plants, both safe for the future baby and the mother, can find peaceful nights.
  • Prepare a mixture in equal proportion of passionflower, orange blossom and hawthorn. Let steep 5 minutes 2 teaspoons of this mixture in a cup of boiling water. Filter. For more effect, plunge a teaspoon of honey in which you have diluted 1 drop of essential oil of petit grain of bitter orange. Drink a cup after dinner.

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