Your child 1-3 years

He begins the daycare!

Your child will now spend a few half days at the daycare. A flexible formula that allows you to get used to living with others.

The problem

  • Your child is taking his first steps in the community. And going from the salon to the day-care center is not necessarily easy. Limited to three half-days a week, will this way of guarding him create links with other children?

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Initially, your toddler does not see very well what he earns to stay at the daycare while you are "having fun" elsewhere.
  • You. This is the first time you have entrusted your child to a reception center. The questions are jostling in your head.


Will not he feel abandoned?

You accompany him for his first day at the nursery. On the way, your toddler is gay like a finch. But as soon as you pretend to leave, he clings to you screaming.

  • What has to be done. To avoid feeling lost, your child needs you to introduce him to this unknown place that is daycare. Find the places with him and introduce him to the "ladies" who will take care of him. The more you bond with them, the easier your toddler will get in their arms. Take time for his adaptation. The day before and in the morning, explain to him the schedule of his day, who will pick him up, at what time? In addition to his blanket, give him an object (a pacifier, a bottle) that will remind him of the house.
  • What to tell him. "While you are at the nursery, I go shopping at the doctor's ..."

The day-care center, is it enough to socialize it?

Your toddler goes to daycare only one or two half days a week. At this rate, will he really meet boyfriends?

  • What has to be done. To open up to others, your child must first find his bearings. Regular and regular attendance (one to three half days a week, if possible the same) will help her to enter the daycare. If he does it episodically, he will have to readjust each time, which will leave less time to enter into relationships with others. This does not prevent some flexibility, by reserving overtime or by increasing the pace during the year.
  • What to tell him. "Tomorrow there will be Theo and Anna, you'll have fun."

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