Hypertension and pregnancy, is it compatible?

Hypertension and pregnancy, is it compatible?

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"I am 32 years old and have been treated for hypertension for three years, I would like to have another baby, but my treatment does not seem compatible with a pregnancy." Do I really have to give up having a child? ? "Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, a gynecologist-obstetrician, answers Céline's question.

The answer of Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, gynecologist-obstetrician in Paris.

  • High blood pressure is not a contraindication to a full-term pregnancy. But the risks will, of course, be increased if you have severe hypertension requiring multiple treatments, which is unbalanced or associated with complications. In this case, it is necessary to think carefully before considering a pregnancy.
  • Otherwise, there are treatments compatible with a maternity. The growth of the future baby should be monitored more closely by regular ultrasounds, Dopplers of the mother's fetus and uterine artery vessels, and urine albumin and liver functions.
  • All these parameters make it possible to evaluate the risk of complications such as stunting (low birth weight), preeclampsia (arterial hypertension associated with the presence of albumin) or a retro-placental hematoma, which is a mass of blood due to placental detachment.

The mothers' point of view

  • "I had high blood pressure when I learned that I was pregnant, I was followed very closely throughout my pregnancy and had to give birth by caesarean section. to the world my second child vaginally My experience shows that it is possible and that solutions exist Do not worry and follow the advice of your doctor. " Emma
  • "I had some trouble in the last trimester of my pregnancy, I had to rest and do regular checkups to see if my baby was in pain, I had a lot of rest, and I avoided stress as much as I could. went well and my daughter, now 2 years old, is doing well. " Anna

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