And if he was born premature?

And if he was born premature?

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Childbirth, you do not consider it for a few weeks. However, your baby seems eager to show the tip of his nose ... An eagerness that worries you.

Prematurity: when to worry?

  • Unusual pains, contractions close who do not rest, lose water or bleed: these symptoms should alert you. It can be signs of premature birth. Your doctor will make a diagnosis by examining your cervix. Depending on the case, it will impose rest, offer you the weekly visit of a midwife or, if the threat of prematurity is too great, decide to hospitalize you.
  • Rest ! It is the main remedy for the risk of prematurity. You will have to avoid heavy loads, give up heavy housework, and lie down for a few hours a day. Sitting, the rest is not total because your baby continues to press on the collar ...

Why should you keep your baby "hot" for as long as possible?

  • Neonatal medicine has made tremendous progress. Some of the babies born very prematurely (25 weeks) can survive, but sequelae are possible.
  • Every week gained in utero, it's about 150 g takenless risk of complication, shortened hospital stay.
  • The last three monthsorgans refine their development. And the different systems (digestive, respiratory, neurological ...) continue to mature.

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