What if I tried the geisha balls to strengthen my perineum?

What if I tried the geisha balls to strengthen my perineum?

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No, geisha balls are not just naughty accessories. Their main function is rather to strengthen the perineum: they are also very often used during re-education sessions following delivery.

Geisha balls: for a better re-education of the perineum

  • Many midwives recommend using geisha balls, or "re-education balls" after delivery: the perineal contraction exercises are easier to do with them.
  • More effective also: with geisha balls, you will be sure to properly contract your muscles and tighten your perineum rather than "push" on it, as sometimes happens ...
  • Why is perineal re-education so important after childbirth? Simply because it prevents the risks of urinary incontinence and organ descent in the future.
  • Incidentally, using geisha balls can also help you feel more sexual pleasure: they activate blood circulation in the genital area (hence better lubrication) and help to tighten the vagina ...

How to choose geisha balls?

  • Traditionally, the geisha balls are two in number, connected together by a string. Each ball contains another smaller ball (or a ball-bearing mechanism): if you move, the ball inside comes into contact with the outer ball, causing vibration and reflex contraction of the perineum ...
  • There are many models in the trade, but for the perineal reduction, we often use a "single geisha ball": in other words, there is a single ball of geisha, more or less big ...
  • If you want to use geisha balls to strengthen your perineum, the easiest way is to talk to a midwife during a perineal assessment. She will tell you the most suitable model for your case knowing that, in general, rehabilitation balls used after delivery are heavier than average, to make more work perineum.

How to use geisha balls?

  • Your midwife will tell you how often to wear the geisha ball. It is recommended that you lie comfortably on your back to introduce them into your vagina, taking care to let the cord to remove it (as for tampons). If necessary, you can possibly put a little lubricant on the ball.
  • Then you just have to get up and go back to your daily tasks. This is one of the great strengths of geisha balls: you can use them anywhere without anyone knowing, which even allows you to do your exercises while doing your shopping for example. The bottom line is that you are standing: you will have to tighten and loosen regularly your perineum to prevent the ball from "slipping" ...
  • The first few days, you can simply keep them about ten minutes to get used to and then gradually increase their exposure time over time, at your own pace. Usually, the "goal" to reach is 30 minutes a day.


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