Pregnant, I do not recognize myself anymore

Pregnant, I do not recognize myself anymore

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Oddness, low libido, mood swings ... pregnancy is often synonymous with changes in character and behavior more or less marked. Here is a little tour of the surprises that it can reserve for you.

I have strange desires!

  • Since the beginning of your pregnancy, would you give your kingdom for an anchovy pizza or mimosa eggs? Even if so far no explanation has been found, you are not the only one to feel these weird desires. 73% of expectant mothers would have irresistible food cravings. Specialists call this the "strawberry syndrome".
  • Some Cartesian minds will let you understand that they are more capricious than physiological, and that they even allow you to develop your egocentric inclination ...
  • What to do ? Let them say and succumb to temptation. In a few weeks or months, all eyes (including yours) will be fully focused on your little one. So now is the time to play the divas!

I can not stand my perfume anymore ... nor the eau de toilette of the future dad

  • The first trimester is often marked by nausea and deep disgusting food, but also olfactory. "These symptoms are due to hormonal changes that create a change in the perception of tastes and smells," says Dr. Juliane Berdah. It is also common for a woman to radically change her perfume during this period.
  • The most delicate will probably be to encourage your companion to discard his fern-wooded after-shave without letting him believe that "you can not feel it" ...
  • What to do ? Maybe make him read these lines!

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