Pregnant, choose the right method of hair removal

Pregnant, choose the right method of hair removal

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You're expecting a baby and wondering if you can continue to wax as before. Review of all techniques accompanied by the advice of Dr. Sylvie Garnier, dermatologist.

Hair removal question, you each have your habits. But when you are pregnant, the question arises as to whether some of them are compatible with your pregnancy.

The razor

  • It is a fast and painless technique that cuts flush with the hair that repels very quickly. It is not recommended on the face under penalty of seeing transforming the down into real hair
  • The opinion of dermato It is not contraindicated in pregnant women because the razor "operates only on the surface". It is better to use a shaving foam to not over-attack your sensitive skin or to use these new razors "special women" whose shaving bar contains a moisturizing active that protects the skin.

The depilatory cream

  • A quick and painless method with a regrowth a little slower than with a razor.
  • Its alkaline assets destroy the hair at the root as well as its envelope in depth.
  • The opinion of dermato : its action deep in the skin raises the problem of "precaution" during pregnancy and may eventually cause allergies because your skin is more reactive. It is therefore preferable not to use it during this period.


  • Formerly made with sugar, water and lemon, the so-called oriental wax is back in fashion and sells ready. It rinses with water, can be used on all parts of the body but adheres less to the hair than hot wax.
  • The hot wax is very effective, traps and pulls all the hair, short, thin, long or thick.
  • The opinion of dermato : a method that you can totally use. However, if you have mild venous problems, prefer lukewarm wax, at home or at a beauty salon. Check the temperature of the wax well if you melt it in the microwave. The cold wax strips are also perfect.

The electric epilator

  • Quick to use, it is compact, economical because it is quickly cushioned and guarantees two to three weeks of clean hair removal.
  • The latest models compete technically, have become much less painful and are equipped with adaptable heads for underarms and the jersey band
  • The opinion of dermato This is the method I would recommend first. The electric epilator is effective without irritating, you can use it whenever you want without leaving your home. In addition, it can now be cleaned with water for perfect hygiene.

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