Your child 3-5 years

Elliot, Harold and the Sun

"It's the first morning of vacation Elliot and Harold are awake, they think about the good times they're going to go to the sea." But something is not as usual ... "What's waiting the two rascals? Read quickly the story of Celine.

  • It's the first morning of vacation. Elliot and Harold are awake. They think of the good times that they will spend at sea. But something is not as usual ...
  • "I think there's a problem with the sun ..." Elliot said to his little brother. Intrigued, the two boys decide to go and see in the garden and discover, stupefied, that ... the sun fell on the ground!
  • Many of its rays are broken and those that remain are so weak that they illuminate almost nothing ... "But, what are you doing here?" Asks Harold, who does not believe his eyes.
  • "This morning, I did not feel very well, I could not get up and then, all of a sudden, boom, I found myself in front of you!" Answers the sun.
  • "But it's the summer holidays, what are we going to be without you?", Worries Harold.
  • "You're irreplaceable!" Exclaims Elliot.
  • The sun sighs and says, "Oh, I sometimes wonder if I'm still very useful ... I'm really shining, I'm doing my best to make the world happy, I notice that more and more people get angry, argue for nothing ... it's a shame ... "
  • Elliot and Harold listen attentively. "And I also see that flowers and trees are not always very good ... It looks like the world does not turn very round ...", continues the sun.

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