3 essential steps to make a successful bottle

3 essential steps to make a successful bottle

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Bib 'is your specialty. To prepare just before giving it and not in advance. In the kitchen ! Here are 3 essential steps to prepare your baby's bottle.

Step 1

  • First of all, check that the bottle you are going to use is clean, machine washed if possible or with a bottle brush and rinsed.
  • If sterilization is useless, according to a recommendation from Afssa, the French Food Safety Agency, the cleanliness of the equipment must be irreproachable ... the work plan and your hands too!

2nd step

  • Pour water from the tap (as long as it is cold, let it run for a few seconds and your tap is cleaned and descaled regularly), or bottled (recommended for infants on the label ).
  • Add the milk powder (30 ml of water for a dose of milk), no more and no less.
  • Roll the bottle between your hands to avoid lumps.

Step 3

  • Warm the bottle. Use the bottle warmer or water bath and not the microwave, not recommended because of the risk of burns.
  • Give it within 30 minutes after checking the temperature well: pour a few drops on your forearm.
  • You can also give it at room temperature. "Bon appétit, my little one!"

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