Should he skip a class?

Should he skip a class?

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For some time now, you have been under the impression that your child might blossom further into the next level class. Is this necessarily a good intuition?

Your child is lively, curious and yet he seems to be running around in school right now. You find him ahead of his classmates. Are you overestimating your abilities, or does it need more stimulation?

The problem

Several situations are likely to motivate a class jump. Some signs can catch your attention:

  • He is strong in calculation and is doing very well with the times of the indicative. He may have already acquired the knowledge of his level.
  • He gets bored in class, seems sad at home, he expresses himself in a language very elaborate for his age. He may be one of those so-called "intellectually precocious" children.
  • He is very curious. In class, he asks a lot of questions and sometimes goes beyond the subject he is taught. He needs to be more stimulated.
  • He is very mature compared to his friends. Born in January, he is one of the oldest in his class. He has few common interests with children of his level and is more comfortable with his elders.
  • It is very big for his age.

Skip a grade ? Stay careful

This decision carries a risk. You must therefore be careful.

  • Ask yourself what you expect from your child. Be careful not to set goals out of his reach and identify why you want him to skip a class. Is it from a strategic perspective: you say that if it doubles later, it will be less serious. Do you dream of an extraordinary child who would be more talented than others?
  • Consider a meeting with the mistress. Check that your schoolchild has integrated the skills he seems to have acquired with a little advance and especially that the image you make of him is not too different from that which has the mistress. This is essential before considering the construction of new learning.
  • Talk to your child. It is essential that he adheres to this project and that there is no reluctance on his part.

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