35 tips for the summer

35 tips for the summer

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How to spread cream the little worms? Provide a service of always fresh drinks at the beach? Clean bath toys full of sand? Replace the forgotten blanket? Our special summer tips to make your life easier!

35 tips for the summer (35 photos)

The freshness

On hot days, you wonder how to refresh your child effectively.

Our tip? Keep wet towels in a plastic zip freezer bag and ice cubes in a bottled bottle. When your child gets too hot, soak the towels in ice-cold water and put them on your face. You'll see, it's going right now!

Refreshing bottle

At picnic time, the cooler is very convenient but rather bulky.

Our tip? Instead of a cooler, use a bottle filled with one third of water and frozen the day before. It will keep your other drinks cool. In addition, during the return trip, you can drink the content.

Barrier anti grains of sand

Difficult to fight against the evil grains of sand that stick to the buttocks and irritate the skin of your toddler ...

Our tip? To get rid of these boring glue pots, powder his buttocks with a little talc as soon as you arrive on the beach. Remember to repeat the operation after swimming.

Star sunscreen

Does your toddler wriggle around and have trouble applying sunscreen to the beach or moisturizer?

Our tip? Give him the cream in front of the mirror so he enjoys watching the pretty face in front of him.

Dressing, not bad!

Small sores do not take a vacation! And the kids do not like to have their bandages removed. Let's face it, it hurts a bit.

Our tip? So that it does not hurt, spread vaseline on the dressing a few minutes before removing it. It's magic, it does not stick to the skin: no more crying!

Runaways on the carpet

Putting a toddler on a play mat is good, but it does not necessarily stay: even if he does not yet know the four legs, he managed to slip gradually outside. And when he knows how to move, he escapes quickly.

Our tip: buy an inflatable pool the same size as the playmat (there are inexpensive models) and put in its carpet. So your adventurer will not be able to escape! This pool will also serve to bathe, of course.

Daddy tinkering!

The holidays are nice to tinker or garden, but the tools are often dangerous for small hands.

Our tip? Protect your screwdrivers and other sharp tools by firmly planting their ends in corks. Thus, you can tinker with your children without worrying.

Never without my pacifier!

It's rather painful to be woken up fifteen times a night because your toddler has lost his pacifier in his bed! Especially when holidays, we would like to sleep well!

Our tip? Take several pacifiers and tie a string to each. Then sew the strings to the paws or edges of the blanket if your child has one or the pillowcase. So, he will always have a pacifier on hand and your nights will find their calm.

Tired of redoing the laces

What a nightmare the loosened laces! Not only is it painful to do them again X times in the day, but it's dangerous for the little ones who risk falling.

Our tip? Before tying the laces, moisten them with a sponge. The knot will hold all day. You can also take a spray of hair spray and spray on the knotted laces. Be careful to do it in a well ventilated place.

Water gun "house"

The water gun ... a classic holiday game. If you do not have one on hand, here is a house solution.

Our tip? Take a water spray for the plants. This makes a perfect pistol with a light flow and a high capacity refill. Your children will be able to have fun for hours in the garden.

Carrots without traces

The carrot purees, it's good, but it leaves the plastic containers all orange ...

Our tip? To clean them, simply rub them with a cloth soaked in cooking oil, then wash them with a little washing-up liquid. It works !

Nightmares in a box

Afraid of the dark, monsters ... not cool the nightmares that sometimes invade the night of your child even on vacation!

Our tip? Take an empty shoe box and, with the help of your child, make a kind of piggy bank by piercing a slot in the lid. Close the lid of the box tightly with tape. Whenever your child talks to you about one of their fears, write it down on a piece of paper, fold it and ask your child (it's important for him to do this) to slip it into the slot of the child. box. The fear is imprisoned, it can not come to bother him!

Security, I assure!

No way to leave your toddler eyes when he plays in his mini-pool. But for even more safety during swimming and to avoid slipping ...

Our tip? Stick anti-slip shower sticks in the bottom of the pool. Your bubbler can straighten up without risking falling!

Water dropper

It is sometimes difficult to drink a toddler either bottle or glass. Yet, it is essential to avoid dehydration!

Our tip? Give him some water using a small pipette like some drugs. It will take time but at least he will drink.

Green stain remover

Summer fruit is good ... but hello stains!

Our tip? Dip stained clothes overnight in milk and wash in machine as usual. It's natural, economical and it works.

Toy hammock

Soft toys, dolls, trucks ... all these toys end up being very bulky and are not always easy to store!

Our tip? Take a nice fitted sheet. Tie at both ends an elastic band, so you can suspend in this corner of the room this improvised hammock. Not only, you can store all the toys, but as a bonus it will decorate the room nicely.

Pool to do everything

A long weekend with friends or holidays at grandma's house, only material to bring for your toddler ...

Our tip? Bring a small inflatable pool a meter in diameter and use it as an extra bed for napping, playground, or small baby bath. Installed in the large bathtub, it will take shape. Super practical ?! A small inflatable boat can give you the same services.

Brand new beach toys

Bath and beach toys tend to dry hard and black quickly! You would like to redo them a beauty ...

Our tip? Just soak them overnight in a basin with one or two cold sterilization tablets. The toys will appear as the first day and will not be, as a bonus, impregnated with any toxic product. A plus for the health of your child who often puts his toys in the mouth!

Family a la carte

When the family is scattered all over France, children sometimes have trouble finding their way around.

Our tip? Hang a large map of France in their room and stick the photo of each member of the family where he lives: cousin Chloe in the tip left, cousins ​​"in the middle" and Grandma Dany down near the mountains.

The end of the sand chore

Playing in the sand with shovels, a bucket, a rake, it's good ... but what a sore, at the end of the day, to rinse all these toys filled with sand!

Our tip? Gather all the beach toys in a net, close it and put it all into the sea. Once home, hang the net on the clothesline. The toys will be dry and clean in the blink of an eye.

Ice candy

Sweet drinks, like grenadine, kids love and it's hard to deny them that pleasure during the holidays. However, it is better not to abuse it!

Our tip? To make them drink less sweet, prepare a carafe of grenadine and pour the container into an ice cube tray. When they are thirsty, give them a glass of water in which you add one or two colored ice cubes. They will be delighted!

Freshness guaranteed

It's hot, very hot ... This sultry crushes your toddler who has trouble getting to sleep at night or at nap time.

Our tip? Hang a wet sheet at the window of his room. With the wind, the temperature will drop a few degrees and your baby will find peace in the arms of Morpheus.

Grasse mat '

During holidays or weekends, children often get up too early for your taste. Especially since they can not read the time!

Our tip? Make a sign with, on one side, the drawing of a sun and, on the other, that of a moon. Put it in their room and ... no way for them to get up before you came to their room to turn the sign aside. It works !

S.O.S Doudou

In the rush of your departure on vacation, you have forgotten "the" precious blanket of your little treasure? Do not panic !

Our tip? Take two large tennis socks, roll them into a ball, pulling out the ends to get two big ears. "Super Sock", the competition blanket, will undoubtedly play its role of replacement. Yes, yes, it can work!

Always crunchy cookies

At tea time, gourmands do not like their biscuits to be too soft because the pack has been open for several days.

Our tip? Place the cookies in an aluminum tin with two pieces of sugar inside. The cakes will always remain crisp. A tip from our grandmothers that works!

It's clean…

A figure spread with chocolate ice cream, little fingers all sticky to clean ... it is not only at home that children are stained! And, on a ride or at the time of the races, you do not necessarily have what it takes to clean.

Our tip? Wet a washcloth, wring it out and slip it into a plastic bag - a freezer bag or a simple supermarket pouch - before putting it in your bag. A tip more ecological and economical than wipes.

Firefly Doudou

Your child never falls asleep, even on vacation (and even less away from home). He often wakes up at night in search of his blanket lost deep in his bed ... So he wakes you up too!

Our tip? Buy phosphorescent patterns that you can sew on his stuffed toy. Your child will easily find his most faithful friend and let you continue your night quietly.

Mini-toys in the mesh of the mini-filet

Small cars, figurines ... what a wound to put away! All these miniature toys give you mesh from ...

Our tip? Pick up the nets to put the laundry pills and drag in all the model toys ... More loss and more mesh will easily identify the content.

Anti-leak device

Your child always goes to bed with a bottle of water. Since he is too small to put the hood on, his bib 'spreads in his bed and his sheets are regularly wet ...

Our tip? So that the bottle is not empty on the sheets, hang a beach bucket to the bars of the bed of your little treasure. He can take his bottle and he will be happy to put it where he is sure to find it. And he can spend nights dry!

Smart bath

In holiday rentals or at friends' homes, there is not always a non-slip mat in the bathtub. Sliding assured ...

Our tip? Slip a small towel under your child's buttocks when bathing. Assured maintenance.

Stop grass stains

In summer, children love to crawl and play in the grass. Hello ugly green spots on the clothes!

Our tip? To remove green stains from the tissues, simply sprinkle them quickly with sugar, then moisten them with a little water. Let stand for two or three hours and wash! You can also soak them in water with white vinegar before putting them in the machine.

To each his caisse

Departures on holidays require a minimum of organization, especially when it comes to storage!

Our tip? When packing, store everyone's clothes in a foldable clear plastic crate. You can easily stack them in the trunk of the car. Once arrived at destination, the clothes can be left as they are, easily identifiable, or stored elsewhere. In this case, you can fold the crates or find them another use!

Travel bottle drainer

At the campsite, It is not always easy to drain your baby's bottles ... on the edge of the sink? This one is not always necessarily of a first cleanliness ...

Our tip? Put a sheet of paper towel inside the bottles just washed and close them. The leaf will then absorb all the moisture and the bottles will be well dried!

Sweet dreams insurance

Away from home, nightmares are often in the game ... Quick, a nightmare thing!

Our tip? In the evening, at bedtime, draw on an open umbrella leaf with funny things underneath so that dreams are beautiful. Then explain to your child that the umbrella protects him from nightmares. Last step before turning off the light, fold the drawing and slide it next to your child. Your little sleeper will only have a good night, bathed in a shower of dreams!

Nomadic bottle warmer

You go on a ride with your baby for a few hours, but how can you keep your bottle warm?

Our tip? Heat up the water-filled bib and put it inside a simple heat-resistant kitchen glove on which you will have attached a thermo-adhesive scratch. This isothermal bag improvised slips everywhere and the water stays warm for two hours. For maximum warmth, you can also wrap the bottle in aluminum foil before putting it in the cooler bag.

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