Your baby 0-1 year

Games to awaken the curiosity of baby

Your baby is coming to the world thanks to your active complicity. Propose these games of awakening that can be done during your daily activities. What happiness for your baby to perceive your desire to accompany him in his discoveries!

Ideas from 0 to 6 months

On edge

  • After washing your baby or when he is well awake, gently massage him all over the body. If you combine a soothing rhyme, you will make this massage a pure moment of happiness for you and for him.
  • Put it naked against you as often as possible: skin-to-skin contact is the best stimulant for your newborn.

The eye on the watch

  • Place a mirror near the place where you change your baby: he will be interested very early in these little legs that gesture, even if he does not yet know that it is his and will be intrigued by the appearance of a second mother!
  • From the first days, remember to lower the top of his pram when you walk your baby. From the third month, you can raise it slightly with a cushion, so that the world around it is not limited to the reasons that decorate the interior of the pram ...
  • Buy a mobile whose elements can be changed. The same butterflies for 6 months, it's a bit monotonous ... Prefer the models that are in volumes so that your baby does not have only their slice to contemplate.
  • Remember to vary the place of the pictures that you fix on the wall to distract him as much as to decorate his room ... and put them within sight of him.

All ears

  • From the beginning, your baby enjoys music. Play the variety: the same tune every day at the same time is not very stimulating. Babies love soft or classical music as much as rock or even rap, as long as the sound volume respects their fragile eardrums. The best music for your little one? The one you were listening to while you waited for it!
  • Dance with your baby against you on different rhythms. Later, he will remember with delight his first waltz ...
  • In your memories, draw the rhymes you hummed your mother and pass on this little capital of shared emotions.

The nose in the air

  • Put under your baby's nose a tissue paper soaked in his dad's eau de toilette, perfume or aftershave. Comment on his sweet and familiar smells.
  • Place your deckchair in the crack of the kitchen door when you cook an apple pie or vegetable soup ... Make him feel (remotely!) The dishes when they come out of the oven.

Ideas from 6 months to 1 year

On edge

  • Compose a home-made tactile mat by sewing different pieces of fabric on an old blanket: synthetic fur, Skai, smooth velvet and corduroy, silk, etc.
  • To make him appreciate the movement of the air, play with the wind on his skin by blowing in a straw, using a fan or a small feather against his cheek.
  • Give him tracing paper, old catalogs to rip, newspapers to put in a ball.
  • Tie pearls (large and thin) securely to the end of a string and let your baby manipulate them (he exercises his "fine grasp"), under your supervision, of course!

On the tip of my tongue

  • Take out the vegetables one by one, to make single-flavored purees. White mashed potatoes, yellow mashed carrots, green mashed green beans, which one does it prefer?
  • In the kitchen, discuss the ingredients (apple, carrot, celery) for your baby and let them handle them.
  • Eating is fun! Every mouthful can be an opportunity to tell a story and make your imagination wander. We make small heaps on the plate: there are so many lambs in the meadow facing a threatening wolf (a nasty crust of bread lurking around the plate). To save the lambs, you have to put them in the baby's belly. Here is a plate quickly finished and lots of little lambs saved! Tomorrow, his plate will be a garden shared in mass of mashed-flowers, mashed pot-garden, mashed-orchard, the spoon-cow will come to graze there, the fork-rabbit will come to nibble and the spoon-coffee-sparrow will come to peck ( all these animals are certainly on his picture).
  • Organize a banquet with his favorite toys: the rabbit likes carrots, the doll loves meat, the bear loves desserts ... All are entitled to a small bite but your baby is entitled to all the feast!

All ears

  • Build small, simple instruments in front of your child by making them listen to the various sounds they produce: sand in a jar of yoghurt, noodles or rice in an iron box, and so on.
  • Make him listen to CDs with cries of animals: one recognizes at the same time on a picture book the cow, the sheep, the owl.

The eye on the watch

  • The play of light amuses him enormously. With a flashlight, play with shadow and light: in the room, choose a point that you will light intermittently. Your baby will look forward to the appearance of the light and will discover with a fresh eye this corner of his universe that he had no
  • never detailed. Then project the beam on a wall making large arabesques, then let your toddler make his first experiments. He will first sweep the room with a wide gesture, stop on an object that intrigues him, abandon him, come back to make sure he is still there. It's good to play with the shadow and the light, it makes it easier to understand the night!

Karine Ancelet