Games at the exchange time

Games at the exchange time

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Did you know ? The development of your baby goes through his hands and fingers. With simple games and rhymes, you can not only enjoy it, but also stimulate it. Here are some ideas at the time of change.

Finger games

  • Start with a classic game of fingers: "So do, do, do little puppets". Proceed slowly enough: rotate your wrists, hands up. When the puppets leave, their hands hide behind their backs, etc.
  • Combining gesture and speech brings great happiness to your little one. His capacity for attention and memory naturally extends as he grows up. Repetition is essential: it reassures and stimulates him to go to other acquaintances.

Games of hands ... games of small clever

  • In order for him to gradually become aware of his hands, gently stroke his palms, bend and gently stretch each of his fingers. Massage her hands and fingers lightly or tap her fingertips.
  • Introduce a variety of materials to touch, manipulate. If your child is still small, start with a baby toy, such as a ball or a rattle. Later, there will be no limits to the explorations of the senses: crumpled silk paper, fluffy fabric, wooden beads on a well-knotted lace, soft brush or keyring cold, hard ...

The Ant family

  • "First comes the father Ant, then comes the mother Ant, and behind, all riquiqui, come their children." With the fingertips, "run" firmly on the arm of your child to his neck: it is the father Ant. Mom Ant makes gentle steps and the children tickle her and run over her head.

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