Ideas for playing with your wake up pad

Ideas for playing with your wake up pad

An awakening mat is great for your baby! But he also needs you to enjoy it. Here are 3 ideas for this toy is even more great for your young curious.

3-4 months

  • Your toddler is not yet the great champion of the flip and flip. When you put it on his waking mat, he stands wisely where you put it, apparently satisfied with what's on hand ... It's up to you to change his place so he discover other fabrics, other toys.

5-6 months

  • He loves surprises but he is able to be enchanted by finding an object lost sight of three minutes. To renew its pleasures, sew four or five laces on its waking mat and attach toys and small objects to it. The following week, replace them with others. As it is the age when he "teething", attach to the laces a little stiff toys he rub against his sore gums. Your toddler also loves sound toys: making noise, in fact, gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

7-8 months

  • Touch, feel, wrinkle, scratch ... your baby's fingers are an insatiable curiosity. Here again, renew his pleasures by sewing on his rug unusual materials: a scraper, a rectangle of tracing paper, a piece of balloon balloon, a piece of Lurex fabric (it shines and it scratches) ...

Karine Ancelet

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