Ideas for outings throughout France for the holidays

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How to occupy your children during the holidays? Here are our ideas for activities everywhere in France ... Zoos, amusement park, castles, unusual visits, there is something for all tastes and all ages.

Ideas for outings throughout France for holidays (7 photos)

The 20 most beautiful animal parks, reserves and zoos of France

What a magic to see the eyes of children arise, sometimes for the first time, on curious, majestic or gigantic animals from other countries thanks to these animal parks, reserves and zoos established in France! Our animal tour of France.
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Wild West Theme Parks

For kids - and parents - who love cowboys and Indians, and the Wild West vibe, Familiscope has spotted the amusement parks that make room, big or small for this theme enjoyed by adventurers. Discover our selection!

Machines of the Island in Nantes

The machines of the island are a real curiosity in Nantes. An imaginary world is home to extraordinary machines worthy of the imagination of a Jules Verne. Half-beasts, half-engines, mechanical monsters overlap. Impressive, these works with the elephant 12 m high and marine animals will leave children and their parents stunned! More informations

The best theme parks in France!

Here is the list of the 15 amusement parks that the French visit the most. Among them, you will find the unavoidable of course, but also other less famous that you could discover during your holidays or a weekend not far from home ...
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Mini World in Lyon

Mini World Lyon is the largest animated miniature park in France, in Lyon. The park features 3 animated and humorous miniature mini worlds, city, country and mountain and fun temporary exhibitions for children. More informations

The 20 most beautiful castles to visit with family

Embark your little princesses and your little princes for a fabulous trip to the land of fairy tales and the royal history of France. Here is a selection of 20 of the most beautiful and child-friendly castles. For a family outing, you can wander in the exceptional work of art that is the castle of Chambord, the grandiose of Vaux le Vicomte or Haut Koenigsbourg, in Alsace ... Not to mention dazzling gardens, entertainment, visits in costumes and Shows organized throughout France around fairy tales, knights and great moments in history. our selection

Submarine Swordfish in Saint Nazaire

Built in Le Havre, the submarine Espadon, in Saint-Nazaire, is the first French submarine to have sailed under the pack ice beyond the Arctic Circle! Imagine diving into the depths of the oceans, going on an underwater expedition to the North Pole for long weeks ... Are you ready to dive? From 4 years old. More informations