Shingles ? Perfect for creating a work of art!

Shingles ? Perfect for creating a work of art!

All at the beach with a small bucket. Goal of the day? Pick up large, well-polished pebbles. Because, then, it will be necessary to paint them at home. An easy activity to do at the seaside with your tribe of small handymen.

  • On the beach, collect pebbles. The biggest possible, they will be easier to paint for clumsy little hands. Show your child how sweet they are. Make him observe the veins that create pretty welts ...
  • Wash them, brush them. Back home, install outside a large basin, soapy water ... Here we go, for the workshop patouille. Your toddler loves it. The pebbles must be clean like new ones. Let them dry in the sun.
  • Paint with acrylic ... it is a painting well adapted to this support. You can draw a shape, a sun, a flower or a grid. You can also paint it directly in one color and then ask your child to make peas, zebra ... Let it dry again in the sun.
  • Paint the painted pebble with a brush or better (and faster) with an aerosol, on sale in the stores Loisirs et créations. Paint the pebbles during your child's nap and in the air, it's safer.
  • You can make a clipboard, a door locker, a decoration for the table, a gift for his grandpa and, very cute, if you have many, a little wall to delimit a corner of the garden.

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