Slippers for her feet

Slippers for her feet

Your baby is just starting to stand up and you're not sure whether he needs slippers or not?

Slippers to protect his feet? Yes !

  • Slippers that respect foot movements your baby, allow him to develop naturally, to strengthen his balance, as if he was barefoot, while protecting them, that's the interest of the slippers! They must be flexible so that your child keeps all the sensitivity on his feet and feels safe when he is standing up.

Slippers to walk? No !

  • Baby booties are not, as their name suggests, walking shoes. They have no buttress, heel, or "hard" sole. They go to the nursery, the stroller, the garden ... in short, wherever your child should not stay barefoot or just in socks. At home, on the sand or in the grass (after checking that nothing can hurt his feet), let him frolic without shoes or shoes, to strengthen the muscles of his feet.

How to choose them?

  • Choose preferably leather slippers, a natural material that lets your foot breathe while keeping you warm. Prefer a simple and flexible fastening system, a scratch on the back for example, a soft sole, light and non-slip to prevent falls and a large opening to facilitate the passage of the foot.

Safia Amor

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