Teeth of milk, take care of it!

Teeth of milk, take care of it!

Do not "drop" his little milk teeth on the pretext that they will fall! It is imperative to really take care of it, because their good health also depends on that of the permanent teeth.

Why take care of baby teeth?

  • The teething of milk is not so temporary as that. Your child will make his final dentition only gradually, between 6 and 12 years old: as well as he needs solid milk teeth!
  • Decay can make an appearance very early. It is not always known, but it is an infectious disease, due to bacteria that need food to grow and, greedy, they particularly like the sweet residues that remain on the teeth. The sugar-bacteria mixture then causes a production of acids that attack the enamel and dentine (substance present under the enamel) and cause decay.
  • Not cared for, decay can create an infection of the nerve and weaken the definitive tooth already in training. It can also, by gnawing the tooth, reduce its size and reduce the space required for the correct push of the final tooth. Consequence: orthodontic problems a few years later and the obligation to wear a device to put all that plumb and have a beautiful smile.

How to preserve them?

  • Avoid sucking his spoon. Most of the time, it is the mothers who transmit their bacteria to the child, for example by tasting their food before giving it to them, or by blowing on the spoon to cool it. Of course, an impeccable oral hygiene will also avoid this contamination.

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