Discover nature ... in the city!

Discover nature ... in the city!

No need to live in the countryside to enjoy nature: it is everywhere where one takes the trouble to seek it! Here are some tips to turn our small townspeople into budding naturalists. We equip them with loupes, pencils, books and nature magazines and we go on an expedition ... in the neighborhood!

We organize a nature rally

  • Nothing like the game to interest children: organize a nature rally! Give them a list of natural elements that they will have to find in the school square, park or yard. It can be a twig, a leaf, a beast, bark ... They will explore every corner of your neighborhood to report what they have discovered. Or, find in a nature book or magazine details photos (trunks, flowers ...) and ask your children to find them in your everyday environment.

An inventory of biodiversity

  • Introduce your children to the naturalistic approach: make with them an inventory of the biodiversity of the neighborhood. Look for all the living species and draw a map: here lives the cat, the hamster, but also the thrush, the earthworm, the mouse or the bee. And together, try to answer the questions: what is this beast? What is this plant ? Document yourself! Help yourself with a nature magazine or books, and make cards about the species you have crossed. And to encourage your child, suggest that he write a short report that he will send to his nature magazine or show to his class.

We play battle, nature version

  • Do you know the game of battle? Test the nature version! During an urban walk, ask your children to pick up little things from nature. Once at home, play! We do not take down his cards, but his finds: one twig will answer another twig, a chestnut, another brown, etc. Obviously, you can also be more lazy and play with the animal cards collected by your child in his nature magazine ...
  • The most important thing is to arouse the curiosity of your child: make him want to know more about nature but also to respect it!

With Nathan, socio-cultural animator.