Discover the movie "Babies"

Discover the movie "Babies"

Ponijao, Mari, Hattie and Bayarjargal ... the film "Babies", which is released today, tells us about the first year of life of four newborns in four different countries. A wonderful documentary that took 3 years of filming. (News of 16/06/10)

What is it about?

  • "Babies" invites us to share an exhilarating challenge : follow very closely 4 babies in 4 countries as different as Japan, Mongolia, the United States and Namibia. Day after day and for 18 months, the viewer discovers the life, necessarily different, of Mari, Bayarjargal, Hattie and Ponijao. This film is an opportunity to discover the differences in education from one continent to another. A documentary both funny and moving, which raises an essential question: what is a beautiful baby life?

Who are the babies?

  • Ponijao Born in the heart of Namibian nature, in a traditional family of the Himba tribe. This little girl has nine brothers and sisters.
  • Husband : Raised by her parents who work in fashion, Mari is an only daughter living in Tokyo.
  • Bayarjargal : Sensitive and voluntary, this little boy lives in the steppe of central Mongolia.
  • Hattie : Only daughter of Sudie and Frazer, teacher and chef-operator, this little girl lives near San Fransisco.
  • A film directed by Thomas Balmes on an original idea of ​​Alain Chabat. Duration: 1 h 30.