Decode the first signs of pregnancy

Decode the first signs of pregnancy

Nausea, tightness in the stomach, dizziness ... The symptoms are there and you wonder if you are pregnant. But are they all specific to the pregnant woman?

Your nipples have become much darker

  • Under the influence of hCG, the famous pregnancy hormone and larger irrigations, the areoles of the breasts and the vulva become darker. Small lumps on the areoles, Montgomery's glands, stand out more and have a darker color than usual.

Your breasts are very sensitive and, recently, you can not sleep on your stomach

  • The hormonal change that occurs immediately after fertilization makes the glands in the chest swell. This one takes volume and becomes firmer, which gives you a feeling of painful tension. It is advisable to sleep with a bra without armature and, for the day, to invest in quality underwear adapted to your size and ensuring a good maintenance.

The date of your period has passed but traces of blood appear

  • At the beginning of pregnancy, such bleeding is possible, but talk to your doctor. By "digging" its nest in your uterus, the egg can actually cause pink or brown micro-bleeding about a week after ovulation. Doctors call this implantation bleeding. This is one of the first week's pregnancy symptoms.

Kitchen odors bother you

  • Many future moms become very sensitive to smells.If, suddenly, you can not stand the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of toilet water of the future dad, this may be the sign that you are expecting a baby. Everything will return to normal after his birth!

You have nausea

  • Normal and frequent in early pregnancy, it seems that nausea is a parry of the body so that pregnant women do not ingest bad things during pregnancy: easily perishable foods, such as meat or fish, but also alcohol, coffee in large quantities or cigarettes. They are due to the hCG pregnancy hormone and are therefore a sign that your baby is doing well.

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