Dangerous, essential oils?

Dangerous, essential oils?

"Are essential oils contraindicated during pregnancy and are they dangerous?" Danièle Festy *, an aromatherapy pharmacist, answers Sonia's question.

The answer of Danièle Festy *, pharmacist specialized in aromatherapy

  • Aromatherapy uses essential oils. These concentrates with multiple powerful assets, collected from root, seed, leaf, flower, bark, fruit ... constitute a real therapeutic force of strike.
  • They know how to act on many fronts: antiviral, antibacterial, painkiller, antifungal ... They limit the use of allopathic drug treatments. But, accused of being dangerous, one thinks them all prohibited for the pregnant woman.
  • Stop the misconceptions! Essential oils are not dangerous in themselves. They can become so when they are misused because they are very powerful. All essential oils are not prohibited for pregnant women! Some of them, with components that may pose certain dangers for the future mother and / or the unborn child are indeed strictly prohibited during pregnancy.
  • Others, a good thirty, offer excellent therapeutic solutions to relieve many pains of pregnancy, when the taking of drugs is terribly limited. Here are a few: Ravintsara to boost immunity to fight colds. Lentisque Pistachier to decongest the venous system and relieve hemorrhoids. Lemon to relieve nausea or even true lavender to improve sleep disorders.
  • Be careful, however, all the essential oils allowed during pregnancy do not follow all the same prescriptions. Some are not allowed during the first trimester of pregnancy, others can not be ingested. To be applied to the skin, they must be diluted in vegetable oils ...
  • Before any use, the future mother must make sure that they are part of the essential oils allowed. She should also ask a specialist in aromatherapy, pharmacist or doctor, how to use them.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso


Danièle Festy is the author of To treat with the essential oils during the pregnancy (Leducs Editions).

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