Flamingo cupcakes

Flamingo cupcakes

Ideal for a baby shower or a snack with your children, this cake design recipe proposed by Anne-Sophie, Best pastry M6 is full of magic!



400 g of buttercream icing
pink gel food coloring

Wings and head

Pink Gumpaste
Small spades about 8cm long
Silver food felt
Black food brush felt
Pearl powder


Prepare the icing: Color your icing in light pink using pink food gel dye. Using a piping bag with a 1M Wilton socket, ice cupcakes(from the outside to the center).

Prepare the flamingos decoration:

Form the neck and head of pink flamingos: Take a small gumpaste nut of about 9g. Roll it into a small pudding 5 cm long, push in a spade up to 2 cm from the top of the pudding. Round the end then shape the end to form the beak. Do the same to form 6 heads and stitch them in polystyrene. Let dry 2-3h.

Form the wings of pink flamingos: Work then spread pink gumpaste about 1mm thick. With a heart cutter about 6cm tall, cut 6 hearts. Cut the hearts in half in the center, then round off the angle a bit, and curl the tip of the wing. Let dry 2-3h.

When the heads are dry, draw the outline of the eyes and beak of the flamingos with the silver food felt. Then, draw the eyes and color the end of the beak in black. For the final touch, sprinkle your heads and wings with pearly powder. Stit the heads in the cupcakes and lightly press the wings on both sides into the icing.