Side can, it does not go round

Side can, it does not go round

Constipation, bloating, hemorrhoids, heartburn ... among the ills of pregnancy, some concern more particularly the last months. Here's how to prevent and relieve the vagaries of your anatomy.

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Constipation: causes and solutions

While everything was fine before your pregnancy, since you were pregnant, you suffer from intestinal laziness. Here are some tips to boost your transit and find the way to the toilet ...

Constipated, what do I do?

Aerophagia: what to do?

Aerophagia is one of many pains of pregnancy. Although it is without the slightest gravity, the feeling of bloating and other inconvenience it causes are no less painful ...

Tips to defeat the aerophagy.

Bloating and gas: tips for relieving yourself

Gas and bloating are some common pains of the pregnant woman. Without any seriousness, they are no less painful: discover simple techniques to relieve them.

3 wellness tips.

Heartburn: solutions

Heartburn is one of the many minor, uncomfortable (but painful) ailments of pregnancy. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent them or at least significantly reduce them.

I'm relieving my burns.

Pregnant Diarrhea: 4 Grandma's Remedies

When we talk about intestinal problems related to pregnancy, we usually think of constipation. Diarrhea is just as common. It causes stomach pain, dehydration and intense fatigue. That is why it is urgent to treat it effectively. Grandma's remedies are the ideal solution.

It works !

Why pregnant hemorrhoids?

Rarely mentioned, hemorrhoids are quite common in pregnant women. Explanations of Anna Roy, liberal midwife and half-time at the maternity of Bluets in Paris.

Zoom on the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Acid lifts, what to do?

"Pregnant 8 months, I have acid reflux very often.Is this normal? It is very unpleasant, is there an effective treatment? Anna Roy, midwife, answers Fatima's question.

The answer of the midwife.

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