Crusts of milk: homeopathic solutions

Crusts of milk: homeopathic solutions

Due to an excess of secretions of sebum, milk crusts are frequent in toddlers from 2 months. Homeopathy is an effective solution to overcome it, but also in prevention.

What are the milk crusts?

  • Crusts of milk are very common in babies from 2 months to about 2 years old. These plaques that stick to the scalp are due to an excess of secretions of sebum, this film of fat intended to shine the hair.
  • They can grow and become part of the picture of Leiner-Mousous disease. They are accompanied by desquamation and significant sweating in the skull, sometimes odorous.
  • The crusts of milk appear in babies who have a predisposition. Local treatment with topical or antimycotic creams will certainly come to an end. But think also homeopathic treatment, effective to overcome, but also in prevention.

Homeopathic solutions

To change the terrain:

  • CALCAREA CARBONICA in 9 or 15CH, one dose.

To treat the symptoms (treatment for 21 days):

  • The crusts are particularly thick: MEZEREUM in 5CH, 3 granules morning and evening.
  • Ganglions appear behind the head, it is a sign of superinfection by fungi and the crusts of milk tend to descend to the eyebrows: VIOLA ODORATA 5CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day.
  • Crusts of milk tend to spread but without superinfection. Lesions sit on and between the eyebrows: GRAPHITES 5CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day.
  • The crusts are oozing, agglutinating the hair: VINCA MINOR 4CH 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day.
  • The rashes are oozing and bloody, extending to the forehead and behind the ears: NERIUM OLEANDER.

How long for a homeopathic treatment?

  • The rule is the following: imperatively space the catch of the drug (s) as soon as it improves and stop the treatment as soon as it goes well, under penalty of seeing relapse disorders.

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If your baby has never been treated by homeopathy, it is better to consult a homeopathic doctor who will prescribe a personalized treatment. And if he deems it necessary, he will also prescribe allopathic remedies? Homeopathic medicine and classical medicine complement each other ... but do not oppose each other.

To know more

Heal your child with homeopathy, by Dr. Pierre Popowski, published by the Rocher. In this book, the homeopathic pediatrician answers parents' questions and gives homeopathic advice for all the worries of your baby's daily life: colic, nasopharyngitis, allergy sleeping problems ... Where to find it?