Skull flattened, will it pass?

Skull flattened, will it pass?

Do you think your baby's skull is a bit flat and only on one side? Some precautions can overcome it quickly. Above all, do not believe that it will pass over time! You have to deal with it now.

The problem

The skull of your infant is flattened on one side, left or right, and often in the back. His ears are detached, the one on the flattened side is positioned ahead of the other. It is the asymmetrical aspect of the head that is important. Indeed, a baby can have a problem without a head a little flattened, but on a regular basis.

Who disturbs it?

  • You. That worries you, rightly so. However, a malformation ("positional or postural plagiocephaly") that is managed in the first months of life is likely to improve.
  • Your child. Having an irregular head can be embarrassing for him when he is older. Know that this deformation, very visible when the baby is very small, will be attenuated later by the mass of the hair.

He has a flattened skull on one side because he had a bad position in utero

The proportion of infants with flattened skull is 2%. It climbs to 9% in twins! Toddlers with deformity of the skull often also have a congenital torticollis, related to their in utero position. Because of this torticollis, the baby still supports the same side and his skull flattens further.

  • What has to be done. A physiotherapist will loosen the torticollis by manipulations. Your baby, relaxed, can then turn his head to the other side.

He has the skull flattened on one side because he had to be revived

Infants who have undergone long-term resuscitation more often have flattened skulls. It is linked, here too, to a prolonged extended position.

  • What has to be done. Place the bed so that light comes from the opposite side of the deformation. Your baby will turn his head around himself. Arrange comforters and mobile in the same direction. You will see results after three months. In one year, the deformation should be corrected.

He has a bad sleeping position

  • Like all savvy moms, you put your baby on your back. However, this repeated daily posture can cause a slight flattening of the skull. Without questioning this sleeping mode, of course, simple tips can prevent this deformity: alternate the position of the head, turn it to one side then the other, to prevent your baby from developing a side preferential. Then, as soon as your child opens the eye, propose him the position on the belly: it releases the support on the posterior part of the head and allows the acquisition of a better tone of the body.
  • If the deformity is very pronounced the doctors advise to put the baby on the opposite side to the flattened side, with the help of a wedge-baby. Other instructions: orient the bed in such a way that the light arrives on the side opposite to the deformation, dispose of its familiar toys according to the same principle. This will help your baby turn his head by himself!
  • What has to be done. Up to 18 months-2 years, the skull of the infant is soft. It is therefore possible to intervene to remodel it ... smoothly. It's about lifting the upper body of your baby who, while staying on the back, will turn a little on the right side. For this, hold a small bag of rice (at the relaxation radius of the wellness shops) under his back.
  • As soon as he is awake, place him on his stomach too : play with him, stimulate him ... his head will be more toned.

Maria Poblete with Dr. Dominique Renier, neurosurgeon.

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Mom's words

"At the maternity ward, the midwife pointed out to us that Aubin had the skull deformed on one side only. Seeing that it did not work out, the pediatrician advised us to continue to sleep on his back, but a little on the opposite side, using a baby chock. But that did not change anything! So, we went to see Dr. Renier who reassured us: there was nothing neurological! We followed his advice, like putting Aubin on his stomach as soon as he was awake. Today, he is 14 months old and all is well. He still has his skull a bit flattened, but nothing bad! "

Emilie, mother of Aubin, 14 months.