Nursery or kindergarten for my child of 2 years and a half?

Nursery or kindergarten for my child of 2 years and a half?

Your child will soon be 2 ½ years old and you wonder if you should leave him at the nursery another year. Would not it be better, to increase its chances of success in school to enter small section before 3 years?

From nursery to school, a big upheaval

  • At the nursery, children move in small groups in a structure where are privileged phases of its development and its awakening, where the rhythms are more flexible. They enjoy a more personalized welcome.
  • This is not the case in the school where the small child is in a class with his teacher and Atsem (Special Agent nursery schools) to take care of thirty children. The schedules are more rigid, the reception less personalized.
  • Switching from one environment to another is not always easy as emphasized in the report "From nursery to school, break-up or continuity?" *. This report emphasizes the importance of developing bridges between the nursery and the school: either by building the two structures in the same place, or by collaboration between early childhood professionals and teachers. For now, only a few experiments are conducted.

School before 3 years, more beneficial for children?

  • Some nursery schools can accommodate children from 2 years old. If the National Education has opted for early schooling, does this mean that it would be one of the keys to academic success?
  • This is the question many parents ask, especially those whose children are born in January, February or March. To enter a small section of kindergarten to 2 years and a half, is not it more stimulating than to stay at the nursery until 3 and a half?

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