CP: Is my child ready?

CP: Is my child ready?

In a short time, your child must go to CP. As the deadline approaches, the more you wonder if your child is armed to enter the big leagues. The advice of Stéphane Daniel, professor of schools in Paris.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He feels your concern, but continues his merry way.
  • You. You are wondering. Does not a bad entry in the CP risk to endanger her schooling? Is he mature enough?


It is not really autonomous

  • Unlike the nursery school, which is more playful and less formatted, the CP is a class that demands a certain organization. Your child will have to respect more scrupulously the instructions, to show autonomy.

What has to be done

  • Emphasize the importance of rigor and respecting instructions. Train your little schoolboy to prepare and store his belongings.
  • What to tell him. "You're big now, it's up to you to do what you're asked!"

He does not know how to write correctly on a line

  • The graphic may be a brake indicator for CP entry. But if your child can color, cut, write his name about on a line, there is no need to worry.

What has to be done

  • Promote every opportunity to boost your manual skills. Have him write his name. Organize collage sessions, coloring, cutting. While remaining relaxed.
  • What to tell him. "Bravo, you color very well inside the features without overflowing!"

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