25 ideas for him to open the appetite

25 ideas for him to open the appetite

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How to open the appetite of children? Often, everything is in the presentation. Here are 25 fun and delicious recipe ideas that will make them smile!


Fun sandwiches

Disguised fruit

25 ideas to open your appetite (25 photos)

TV dinner

A TV set that has the idea!

Bear cub

A sandwich for your cub!


Sure that his appetite will take off! An idea that mixes on bread with fresh cheese, slices of radish and cucumber and cucumber pieces? Easy !

Croquez mouse!

Everyone knows, mice love gruyère! It's funny what you can do with simple radishes. A bit of cutting and hop!

Goat sandwich

Completely goat this sandwich! Cheese, zucchini ears, olive and pepper eyes for the bottom. Yum !

Heart tartine

This is a slice of bread that has heart! To make with pieces of pepper or chives.

Here the mouse!

Here is a mouse that presents well ...

Smiling smile

Too sweet, these puppets! Their secret? The radish !

Mimosa eggs

They have such a character these mimosa eggs!

Greedy man

Cheese, radish, cucumber, pepper ... here is the good man!

Bear cub

So here we fall for this bear cub!

Island for dessert

A dessert that runs banana!

Naughty mice

Welcome naughty mice!

Gourmet snail

This gourmet snail will not be slow to open its appetite!

Croque Noël

A crunch Christmas too cute to eat!

Malignant pig

That's a smart hamburger!

Owls Ladybugs

They are not nice these ladybugs. Mortadella and black olives on the menu.

Greedy cat

With this slice of cat greedy, we lick the chops! Whipped cheese, slices of cucumber, pepper and chives.

Cheese man

Here is a cheese man who gives a smile! To make it easy, it's easy: cheese spread, pepper, olives and herbs.

Cozy dumplings

These cute dumplings open the appetite!

Cute mushrooms

Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls ... these are cute mushrooms!

The eggs casserole

They pique pepper these eggs casserole!

A fried egg smile

He is all smiles that egg! Just during cooking, make a notch for the mouth with a knife.

Choco bear

A teddy bear all choco! A ball of choco mousse and a small creamy nose ... a delight!

Naughty Sandwiches

Too funny! Made with sandwich bread, white ham, slice of cheese, cucumber tongue and eyes with olives stuffed with peppers.