Contractions: all you need to know

Contractions: all you need to know

They nail you with pain on the work table. And yet, without contractions, no childbirth! Not only are they essential for opening the cervix and pushing your baby to the exit, but their role starts much further upstream during pregnancy. And continues after birth ...

Contractions, your pregnancy companions

You thought that the contractions were triggered only at the time of delivery? Mistake ! They accompany you throughout your pregnancy. Explanations.

What are they for ?

Contractions: the video

What is a contraction? The belly that stretches, hardens, becomes painful! All the details with Francine Dauphin, midwife.

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Quiz: what do you know about contractions?

They are the ones that cause the retraction of muscle fibers in the uterus, facilitating cervical dilatation and the baby's passage on the day of delivery. But do you recognize them? Are the contractions all painful? When to worry?

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How to breathe well during contractions

On the day of delivery, it is important to breathe well during contractions to help you better manage the pain. Caroline Schoch, midwife, explains the breathing techniques to be developed on D-Day.

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Trenches: contractions after childbirth

"It's nothing, ma'am, these are your trenches!" That's what you'll be told when you complain of having contractions in the days following delivery. But still ... Why these pains, how to calm them? The explanations of Professor Jacques Lansac, gynecologist-obstetrician.

What are the trenches for?