Constipation, the solutions

Constipation, the solutions

Little digestion problem? Whether temporary or habitual, constipation is a source of worry for parents, not to be neglected.

The problem

Its stools are infrequent and hard. This constipation may be only transient.

Who disturbs it?

You. You fear that this lack of stool will make him sick.

Your child. He has a stomach ache and can not evacuate his stool. Going to the bathroom can become a source of anxiety if the situation persists.


He is constipated because his diet is unbalanced

He does not eat enough fiber, which is essential for his digestive balance. In large quantities in fruits and vegetables, these facilitate its intestinal transit. He does not drink enough water to soften the stool. Conversely, He drinks too much milk or eats too many starchy foods (rice, pasta).

What has to be done.

  • Take into account what he drinks as water, as milk and what he eats as fruits and vegetables. With the help of your pediatrician, re-install a balanced and adapted diet. Encourage him to move because physical activity muscle his abdominal belt, a valuable help when he is on the toilet.

What to tell him.

  • "It's important to eat fruit: hum, look, I'm making you a fresh orange juice."

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