Tips for quality sleep

Tips for quality sleep

Who sleeps well, grows up well! For our children, sleep is fundamental because it governs their well-being but also their ability to progress, to flourish, to stay healthy. Find some of the tips from our new issue of the collection "The Essentials of:" 61 tips for quality sleep ", sold with the May issue.

The great sleep

How is your toddler's sleep organized from birth? What is it particular about? How do sleep cycles work?

The sites of sleep.

Once upon a time there was a nap ...

What is a nap? The dictionary tells us: rest after lunch. A definition hardly concerning your newborn who sleeps almost all day ... But little by little, his sleep of day is organized and is structured.

Zoom on the nap.

No more bottle of the night

Beyond 6 months, your baby no longer needs night nutrition. If he has reached a normal weight, he has enough energy reserves to hold until morning without eating.

The keys to a good sleep.

No bad habits

A small child who wakes his parents several times in the night or refuses to go to bed at night is not especially a bad sleeper.

When that's stuck ...

Big and small sleepers

Like animals, humans have small and heavy sleepers in their ranks. Is your child part of the marmots?

The sites of sleep.

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