Pathological leave, for whom?

Pathological leave, for whom?

A few days of additional leave on maternity leave. More than half of pregnant women benefit. How it works ?

What is pathological leave?

  • In general (and until the transition to 18 weeks), the duration of maternity leave is 16 weeks, that is to say, 6 weeks before the expected date of delivery and 10 weeks after.
  • Pathological leave allows you to stop working 2 weeks before the scheduled start of the leave, with additional leave.
  • This reduces the duration of your prenatal leave to 8 weeks (single birth of the first or second child), 10 weeks (third child), 14 weeks (multiple birth) or 26 weeks (triplets or more).

When is pathological leave prescribed?

  • Hypertension diabetes, risk of premature delivery ... If you have a health concern related to pregnancy or childbirth, the doctor who follows you may prescribe this pathological leave.
  • Pathological leave can only be prescribed during pregnancy. Afterwards, you can benefit from a postnatal sick leave for "pathological layers", lasting up to 28 days. It is also prescribed in case of medical reasons (postnatal depression, difficult caesarean section ...).

What compensation is provided?

  • These 2 additional weeks are compensated at the rate of maternity leave, that is to say at 84%. You also benefit from absolute protection against dismissal. Not to be confused with the sick leave, indemnified at the sickness rate (about 50% of your average salary).
  • Side formality, you must notify your employer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, enclosing a medical certificate.

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