Nursery rhymes: he loves it

Nursery rhymes: he loves it

You hum "So do, do, do ...", and your child waves his hands and exclaims, "Again, again!" He never gets tired of it. Especially when you sing one of those funny little stories that are played with the body and we call the "children".

He puts his body in motion

  • At this age, your child focuses on body language. He likes children, these formulas that are played on his body. Tickling and touching give him pleasure and help him to feel his body envelope. Growing up, he discovers mimed nursery rhymes like So do, do, do ... Spontaneously, he imitates you and develops his motricity. He appropriates the words he can not pronounce yet.
  • What has to be done. Adapt the rhymes to his waiting. At the moment of the change, the little animal that goes up, that goes up ..., that you murmur the eyes in the eyes by touching it from the thigh to the chin, secures it. At bedtime, a Fool bedtime against you soothes him ... At age 2, when he discovers his body, he may prefer I go around my house. This song helps him to appropriate his face.

He likes to live the big thrill

  • Boat on the water ... a classic that plays on the effect of surprise. The pleasure is even greater than your child anticipates the "splash in the water". He structures his thought in time (there is a beginning and a fall!). This nursery rhyme also prepares him to separate from you (with-without, before-after).
  • What has to be done. Treat him to these rhymes that allow him to heckle. Faster, closer, further, vary the pleasures and the effect of surprise. Be careful to hold his head and neck by tilting back, especially for the youngest!

He still wants some?

  • "Am ta ga ..." your child steals the words! Regardless, continue with him: "spades and spades and coargram ..." These jingles help him develop his language. Whimsical, lively, playful, they offer him to play with sounds, words. They introduce him to poetry and open it to the world.
  • What has to be done. This nursery rhyme that he asks you all the time can become a pretty ritual for his bedtime. But give him a varied repertoire. Internet, CD-books ... there are many supports to help you find them. On, rhymes in video are sung by Rémi or Pinpin and Lili. And do not forget his CD drive: the trip will be shorter ...

Agnès Barboux with Marie-Claire Bruley, psychotherapist, author with Marie-France Painset of Au bonheur des rhymes, ed. Didier Youth.

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