How does your child learn to socialize?

How does your child learn to socialize?

When he arrives at kindergarten, your child does not take care of others but he will experience life in society. Difficult and demanding learning ...

Say hello

  • It starts at the morning reception. From the very small section, your child learns to greet other toddlers and say hello to adults. It integrates the most basic rules of life in society: take into consideration those who share our space.

Share the teacher

  • That he was kept by a maternal assistant, by the family or in a reception center, your child did not share much with others the adult who cared for him. The school is a larger community and there are fewer adults. He will have to learn to wait, to wait his turn. Not always easy!

Speak, not type!

  • It is because we learn to speak that the school teaches life in society. Indeed, it is through words that your child will integrate such essential notions as respect for others and freedom. Language allows him to be understood and to negotiate rather than try to impose his will!

Play together

  • Every day say rhymes or poems, listening to stories, singing, participating in a round are opportunities for your child to feel that he shares moments of emotion and laughter with his classmates.


  • To become a pupil is to participate in the realization of common projects. It is also gradually taking responsibility within the group. The teacher can designate the person in charge of the painting, the weather, the presents, the plants ...

To appropriate the rules

  • Appropriation of the rules of life (which could have been discussed together) goes through the repetition of rituals like grouping. This is how your child will find his place. In three or four years, he will be ready to enter the school!

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