How to solicit one's imagination

How to solicit one's imagination

At 2 years old, the imagination of your child is king! It tells stories, plays pretend ... that's what specialists call symbolic games and they are very important for the development of your little one. The explanations of our specialist Isabelle Barbier, speech therapist.

Pan, you're dead!

  • In terms of imagination, your child knows a ray. He uses objects of imitation to build his own stories and does not hesitate to occur "especially in scenes of everyday life, eat, sleep, go on the pot, etc. In particular, he likes to play at all what is forbidden: transgress by proxy, via his doll or his teddy bear.
  • He also learns to manage his fears. A big boy bothering him at school or at the nursery? Never mind, he will respond by replaying the same scene with his blanket. And wham !

The imaginary: a means of expression

  • Symbolic play can allow your child to express a little difficult situation (a medical examination, a family separation ...): "Come, my teddy, mom will comfort you."
  • Apart from the imitation games, your child also plays with anything and everything. Stones turn into a car, a path in the sand becomes a road, a roll of paper towels turns into a tunnel, an old dress and here is a witch's disguise ... Everything that comes to hand takes on a symbolic meaning .
  • You can play with him - it enriches his imagination - but without imposing your ideas of adults. There is no point, for example, in providing a beginning and an end to a story he invented from scratch. Indeed, when he plays your child has no rules, he just follows the thread of his imagination.
  • And even if it does not seem very logical to you, do not worry, if it recommends you not to fall off the bench, it is because below there is a crocodile, of course!

Safia Amor

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