How to wean my baby?

How to wean my baby?

You have decided to stop breastfeeding and wean your baby because you are back to work or because you think it's the right time for him and for you. Taking some precautions you will see that everything will be fine.

  • Since birth, surrounded by your arms and snuggled against your breast, your baby shares with you this moment of peace and pleasure. We understand that going from breast to bottle is a real change and that it needs a little time to get used to it. So you must accompany him in this stage of his development by surrounding him with gentleness and calmness. In this situation, your spouse is a valuable ally. It supports you in your decision if you feel hesitant. He can give the baby bottle, take care of the baby, he shows him that there is a world outside of you. In this way, it positively helps the baby to separate from you.

Progressive weaning

  • To help the child in this passage, it is recommended to introduce baby bottles gradually. Here's how to proceed. Replace with a feeding bottle feeding where the rise of milk is not too important (usually that of the afternoon). After a few days, remove a second feed and keep feeding in the morning and evening. You will continue to replace a feed with a bottle until you stop breastfeeding.
  • If your baby is more than three months old and you want to do a gentle weaning, you can keep for several weeks the feeding of the morning and the evening. It is possible at this time because the rise of milk is less and the breasts respond naturally when the baby sucks.

Some tips if your baby refuses the bottle?

  • Have the bottle fed by someone other than yourself and get out of the room.
  • If you give the bottle, turn your baby outward so that he is not attracted to the breast; you can also install it in a small seat in front of you.
  • Try different pacifiers, the baby sometimes has trouble getting used to the bottle nipple.
  • You can give the milk to the cup: tilt the cup so that the milk is flush to the edge so that the baby sucks the edge of the cup, and therefore the milk.

This situation is frequent but always transient. Do not be discouraged ! With a little patience, acting gradually and gently, the situation will be unlocked.

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