How do you know if he's really hungry?

How do you know if he's really hungry?

" I'm not hungry anymore " ! "I want more ..." These are common little phrases in the mouths of children. Should we worry? Not sure !

  • Your child had attacked his plate and suddenly, he says "stop" and does not want a crumb. Even if you have prepared his favorite dish, it simply stops at the right time.
  • Children have this ability to listen to their appetite and their real needs before their greed. A faculty that we lose little by little and that causes the most greedy of us to eat more than reason.
  • If he obviously does not make a comedy for you to eat only this, or to take only his dessert, listen to him, he knows better than you whether to put down his spoon.
  • And if he tells you that he does not like his favorite pasta anymore, it's because he naturally realizes that a food seems less good when he has eaten enough. That does not mean he will not like this food two days later.

And if he says "Yuck!"

  • There, there is nothing to do, you feel that it is useless to insist. This can happen even with foods that your child ate fairly well before.
  • Ask yourself which occasion he had last time: was he sick, were the products really fresh ...? And now, does not it smear something? That could explain his brutal rejection.
  • If he seems fit, insist that he still eat a mouthful, but above all, not hard to avoid phobias!

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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