How to successfully hire a nanny for your child

How to successfully hire a nanny for your child

You have just received the answer from the town hall: it's no. Your little Leo will not have room in nursery at the beginning. You decide to look for a nanny, but how do you find the pearl that will reassure you and your baby?

1. When we speak of "nanny", we speak of a maternal assistant who keeps one or more children at home, or a nanny who comes to the home. What is the difference between the two guard modes?

  • In a childminder, the little child usually rubs other children, and discovers another family, that of the maternal assistant. With a nanny at home, you do not need to wake him up in the morning or bring him out at dawn. There may also be a solution of shared custody: a single nanny for two families who will keep the children alternately at the home of both. Financially, it is interesting because it allows to share in two the costs of care, but practically it is not always obvious to find other parents who have exactly the same values, the same expectations, in education.

2. Where to start his research?

  • The best is to get a list of approved maternal assistants from his district near the center of PMI (maternal and child protection) or its town hall. Opting for an unapproved maternal assistant is also possible (word of mouth is very effective) but if there is no approval, there will be no financial assistance from the Caf to the job of this nanny . Which makes the case much more expensive.
  • Another advantage of an approved maternal assistant is that she has been trained and her housing has been recognized as suitable for young children. In some cities, she may also visit a Relay for Nursing Assistants (RAM), a place where she meets other early childhood professionals, where she can find advice, support. Which is reassuring for her, as for the parents.

3. And to find a nanny at home, how to do it?

  • For home nannies, there are no official lists. Word of mouth is often effective, you can also put ads at neighborhood merchants, on a specialized website or at Pôle Emploi. There are also agencies on the Internet that take care of recruiting staff for parents themselves. Recruitment is generally serious: the candidates are tested on their knowledge of early childhood. But of course, you have to pay the agency and so in the end, the hourly cost of the nanny is higher.

4. Then you have to do a "job interview" and make the right choice. How to do it ?

  • First, it is important to give yourself time to think, it is not necessary to decide lightly: to entrust your child to a person who finally does not suit us, it is to be in situation to look for another nanny even more urgently, when we have already returned to work. We must therefore think about all the questions that we consider important (mode of feeding, space for sleep, environment, frequency of exits, language ... type of toys ...). And ask questions tactfully and without looking like a police interrogation!

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