How to find a good sleep?

How to find a good sleep?

Once your little one is asleep, you ask only one thing: to go to bed. Yet, as soon as you lie down, you can not sleep. Why ? It will have to re-adjust your internal clock.

For a good sleep: no sport at night

  • Do a little gym or walk you off and renew your energy. The problem? Your whole body adjusts to the maximum position: your body gets racing, your heart rate increases and you secrete hormones.
  • Our advice: no sport less than 3 hours before going to bed. The best is to be more active in the day. If you really want to burn calories, go for long strolls with the stroller. Your baby will be delighted and you with it. To help you sleep, you can also take a hot bath.

Not too many activities

  • Ironing, vacuuming, paying bills, phoning your mother ... and then going to bed? Do not expect to fall asleep after that. Stress prevents the body and mind from relaxing. It narrows the blood vessels, your hands and feet get cold and falling asleep becomes difficult.
  • To fight against stress, take a hot foot bath. It is tiring because it lowers the temperature of the middle of the body. You can also opt for a good book, classical music, herbal tea or a glass of hot milk. Your internal clock will be ready for rest.

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