How to suck baby?

How to suck baby?

Little bit of nose a little taken? Before rhinitis sets in, Pauline, mother of Amandine, 4 months, takes things in hand. To blow up her daughter, she knows the right things.

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  • Before the age of 2-3 years, your baby does not know how to blow through the nose, so can not blow his nose. Clearing the nasal cavity will allow him to breathe better, suck well and avoid complications: ear infections and bronchiolitis.

Good hygiene

  • Before proceeding with care, wash your hands thoroughly. Use preferably single doses of saline and discard the pipette started at the end of the day. For a better comfort, you can warm the bottle under a trickle of water before use.
  • If you use a spray of serum or seawater, remember to clean the tip with soap and water after each use.

A question of rhythm

  • As soon as your baby is congested, clean his nose several times a day, especially before each bottle.
  • The classic suction fly is very effective, you have to learn how to use it without apprehension. Electric models are more reassuring.
  • In any case, be sure to disassemble and clean the device after each use and sterilize the removable parts regularly.

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