How does the child become a reader?

How does the child become a reader?

As part of a study, Ipsos looked at children's reading relationship. What place does she have in their life? What do they read and why? Do parents intervene in the choice of readings? Answers.

What do 6-10 year olds read?

  • The first reading choice for 6-10 year olds is "series novels", "short and illustrated novels", "stories that make you dream". According to the study, children enjoy novels in series because it allows them to find a universe known through the adventures of one and the same hero that he enjoys finding volume after volume. To know a hero reassures them and the parents adhere to this choice.
  • For 84% of parents, a hero is an asset to make read their children and, for 53%, "thanks to the hero whom he already knows, my child reads finally".
  • The series have another advantage for children and their parents. This makes reading easier thanks to the repetition effect: same turns of sentences and same expressions from one work to another. An ideal routine when you start reading.

What are the favorite heroes of children?

  • On the first step of the podium, we find The Magic Hut, followed by The little Nicolas (which confirms the return of the ancient heroes) and Winx Club.

What role for parents?

  • The study shows significantly that parents need help in buying books: they want more information on the age of the reader, the genre of the book, the reading level and some would also like to see the indication "for girls" or "for boys".

* Ipsos study for the Rose Library, 2009.

Stéphanie Letellier