20 precious names for your treasure

20 precious names for your treasure

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What is more precious than your baby? For her name, think of gold, precious stones and other pearls! Gemma, Jade, Amber, Kleriva, Ruby, Oriane, Pearl ... 20 golden names for your treasure.

Karine Ancelet

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20 precious names for your treasure (20 photos)

Precious names: Agathe


The real agate, the fine agate stone with multiple layers of colors, is written without the "h" ... but it is a precious name as well! From the Greek "agathê", which means a good woman, it is celebrated on February 5th.

Precious first names: Iklil


A name worthy of the most beautiful princesses! Iklil means the "diadem" in Arabic. An original and rare choice.

Precious first names: Jade


From the Spanish "Piedra de la Ijada", meaning flank stone, this very hard green stone was named by the Spanish in the 15th century. It would have medicinal virtues and protect against bad luck. She became a name in the 60s and 70s. His party: March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

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Precious first names: Amber


Amber, Amber or Ambrine ... pretty princess names. Amber comes from the Arabic word "ambra" designating ambergris, a fragrant substance used in perfumery for its musk-like odor (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone). To celebrate December 7th.

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Precious first names: Ruby


Here is a name that evokes the gem ruby, means reddish in Latin. Ideal for a little girl but you can also give it to a boy. Since he does not have a feast date, like many names related to precious stones, choose Saint Peter on June 29th.

Precious names: Poenui


Cap on the islands and Tahiti with this beautiful original female name which means "big pearl" in Tahitian. For her birthday, you can opt for Saint Marguerite on November 16th, because this name means pearl too.

Precious first names: Greta


A name of Scandinavian or German origin, which is derived from Gretchen, himself from Marguerite, Persian "Margiritis", the pearl. To celebrate November 16th.

Precious first names: Oriane


... but also Auriane, Aure ... all the names that come from the Latin word "aurum", gold. Ideal for a little girl with a heart of gold! His birthday: October 4th.

Precious names: Gemma


A name of coquette, certainly! Gemma is a name that comes from Italy and the Latin word "gemma", meaning precious stone.His party : April 11th.

Precious first names: Beryl


For a little girl or boy, here is a name that comes from the Sanskrit "veruliya", name of a gemstone. In the Iranian vocabulary, the word "beryl" means crystal. To celebrate March 10th or 21st.

Precious names: Opal


From the Sanskrit word "upala", the gemstone, this original name refers to a gemstone of various colors. To celebrate March 10th.

Precious names: Bao


"Precious" is the meaning of this beautiful Vietnamese name ... A masculine name that could inspire you for your treasure?

Precious first names: Klervia


An original choice for your princess ... Klervia means "pearl, jewel" in Gaelic. To celebrate October 3 with St. Klervi, the sister of St. Guénolé.

Precious first names: Mani


Want an Indian name for your little boy? Mani means "the jewel" in Sanskrit. Please ?

Precious first names: Marguerite


Persian margiritis, "the pearl", Marguerite is not only a floral name but also a precious choice! His birthday: November 16th.

Precious first names: Esmaralda


From the Greek "smaragdos", which means a transparent green jasper: the emerald ... this is a sweet name for your princess. His party: March 10th.

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Precious first names: Celestine


Did you know ? Celestine is a mineral like amethyst. Latin Caelestis, meaning "heavenly", this divine name is celebrated on May 19th.

Precious names: Pearl


That's a name for your little gem? Pearl is the English word for the pearl and it is a derivative of Marguerite. His birthday: November 16th.

Precious names: Douria


In Arabic, the name Douria means "unique pearl" ... an original choice for your little pearl to you? And always Arab names inspired by the pearl: Dura, Durrah ...

Precious first names: Poehei


This name Tahitian girl means "crown of pearls". There are also some Tahitian names: Poeiti "little pearl" or Poekiva "precious pearl", Poerani "pearl of the sky", Poerava "black pearl", Poetea "pearl white" ... you're just spoiled for choice!