How music comes to children

How music comes to children

Do you know how the taste of music comes to children? What does listening and practice do to him? What are the good ideas to make music like toddlers? Follow the guide !

At what age is music good for babies?

  • From birth, and even already in utero, babies love music and songs. The first song suitable for babies is the lullaby, then we can make him listen to rhymes and then teach them. A board, a little kid needs rituals and you do not need to offer him a quantity of nursery rhymes and songs. On the contrary ! He will love to always listen to the same.

At what age can we talk about musical awakening for children?

  • From 3-4 years, it depends on the children. But before offering them an activity of musical awakening, one can as soon as his child is 2 years old to make vocal games with him: shout with the hand on the mouth or in megaphone, make vibrate his lips with his tongue, make the hou-hou-hou of the Indians or the Hououou Hououou of the owl. Then a little later play with his hands to follow a rhythm. It's hard! Everyone knows the conductor's game of imitating the leader by doing like him: clapping hands on the thighs, then clapping hands, etc.

Are some toys well suited to musical awakening?

  • Yes all the instruments that the child can appropriate: the drum, the maracas, the xylophone, the bells ... The specialists of the musical awakening will tell you that it is better these small instruments - or then basins, pans - rather than electric keyboards that sound wrong or do not play the "the". Then, if you want to awaken your child to the music in a playful way, creative and concerned about the development of his ear and his sensitivity music, we can from 3 years to enroll him in a workshop d 'music introduction.

Where to find a good address?

  • By going to the site of the Institute of Musical Culture (ICM), this association approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports organizes workshops for children under 3, and introductory music workshops for children. 3-8 years old. You can also get information from the Association for the Development of Musical Awakening (ADEM)

What is the practice of music going to bring to the child?

  • She develops her creativity enormously. With a keyboard or a drum, a child finds himself making sounds. It also extends one's ability to take risks. To dare to blow in a trumpet is not so obvious. Music teachers say that in their classes, when a child makes a sound, most of the time, he turns to his parent, because he is proud of him. Finally, group music also allows socialization: we learn to listen to others and sometimes we even imitate them.

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