20 first names for winter babies

20 first names for winter babies

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Your baby will be born in the heart of winter, why not choose a name of the season? Neva, Hermine, Fiona, Alban, Sylvestre ... discover 20 names that are not cold!

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20 names for baby winter (20 photos)


... but also Albin, Albane, Albina. All these names come from the Latin "albus", white ... always the snow! Alban is the name of the first English Christian martyr, decapitated in 287. It is celebrated on June 22nd.


Snow storm ... that's the meaning of this beautiful Japanese female name. It is found especially in the novel Amelie Nothomb Stupor and tremor. Other names of Japanese winter: Fuyu which means winter, Fuyuka (beautiful winter) or Fuyuko (child of the winter). Does it tempt you?


The return of the names retro will he return small Gaspard? This name comes from the Sanskrit "gathaspa", designating the one who comes to see ... happy name for the King mage who came to see the child Jesus and offered him the incense. His party ? January 6th, Epiphany Day.


Girl or boy ... whatever. This mixed first name comes from the Celtic "gwenn", which means white, happy. It's also a diminutive for names like Gwenllian, Gwenna, Gwennaig, Gwennen, Gwennig ... a mine of ideas. His party ? October 18th to celebrate Saint Gwenn, wife of Saint Fragan and mother of saint Gwenolé. She is very honored in several cities of Brittany.


New Year's Eve on December 31st of course! Derived from Sylvain, from the Latin "silvanus", god of the forest, the name Sylvestre was worn by several popes. The one who stayed famous? Sylvester I or Sylvester, died in 335, which established the tolerance of Christianity within the Roman Empire. It is celebrated on December 31st. He was one of the first saints to be canonized without having to endure martyrdom ... Among the miracles attributed to him? To have raised a bull and tamed a dragon!


Italian version of our White, this name full of sweetness comes from the Germanic "blanke", which means white, bright, brilliant. It can be found in two Shakespeare plays in Italy, The Taming of the Shrew and Othello. A name to celebrate October 3 to celebrate St. Bianca, Roman martyr in the second century.


Cape on Italy ... Chiara comes from the Latin "clarus", which means white, clear ... This sweet Italian name is also a derivative of Claire that is celebrated on August 11th. In the thirteenth century, Saint Claire cut her beautiful blonde hair to take the veil and join the Benedictine order. She became the counselor and friend of St. Francis of Assisi before founding the order of the Poor Clares. His party ? August 11th.


Impossible to ignore this name when we evoke the winter! From the Latin "natalis", birth ... he is obviously known for the Nativity. In the Middle Ages, this name was still attributed to children born on December 25th. Noel is also the name of an American city in Missouri. And if it seems too "classic", think of Noëllie, Noëla, Noalen, Nolie, Noéline ...


White again, it's the season! Fiona comes from Gaelic "fionn" which means white, beautiful, the equivalent of Breton "gwenn". It's a typical Celtic name. The first to use it would be the Scottish writer William Sharp (1865-1905) who chose the pseudonym Fiona MacLeod to tell Celtic stories. His party ? October 18 with Gwenn.


A sunburn in the heart of winter, what do you think? This beautiful feminine first name means white, clear in Tahitian. It is also a derivative of the name Theana, the Greek "theos", God. A bright name that is celebrated on July 25th. You can also remove the accent and name your Princess Tea!


In ancient Rome, the Latin word "candidus" was used to describe the brilliant whiteness of the snow. This immaculate name is derived from Candace, an ancient Ethiopian dynastic title referring to the king's mother. His party ? The 3rd of October. Also think about derivatives: Candace, Candie or Candy.


White as snow! Here is a nice name of winter with medieval accents, which makes a discreet return today. Coming from the Germanic "blank", which means bright white, it is celebrated on October 3 for Saint Blanche, a Roman who paid dearly for her conversion to Christianity: she was executed with husband and child in 290. Also think about her derivatives: Bianca, Blanca, Branca.


Tiphaine for Epiphany, of course! This is the origin of this name which comes from the Latin "theophania", manifestation of God, hence the name of the religious festival that celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus on January 6th. Side derivatives, think also to Tiffany, Typhaine, or Tifaine.


White and bright - like snow - that's the meaning of this beautiful Arabic name for girls. It was the nickname of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. Since he has no feast date, think of Saint Blanche on October 3rd.


Want a name full of sweetness? Here it is all found! The germain "irmin", immense, majestic, it is also the name of a small rodent of the mountains with the famous fur. The ermine is also one of the symbols of Brittany. His party ? July 9, to celebrate St. Mary Hermine of Jesus who was martyred in China in 1900.


In English, "holly" means holly. A name of winter all found! Nobel Prize winner John Galsworthy, who made this plant a first name, thanks to one of the characters in his novel The Saga of Forsyte. Holly is celebrating October 5th with Fleur. Logic!

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And if you let yourself be guided by this beautiful name from the Latin "stella", the star, like that of the Shepherd who would have guided the Three Wise Men at Christmas? It is celebrated May 11, for Saint Estelle, daughter of a Roman governor who, in the first century, refused all pretenders and persisted in his faith. Her father had her put to death in the bullring of Saintes. You can also choose Estel, Essie or Stella, its derivatives.


One of the first names of winter! In the Nordic countries, where the winter is very long, its feast on December 13 gives rise to great rejoicings. Lucie comes from the Latin "lux, lucis", the light. Saint Lucia was a Christian virgin martyred at the beginning of the fourth century. The etymology of his name and the date of his feast, which before the reform of the calendar in 1582 coincided with the winter solstice, made it a sort of holy light. A bright first name for your winter baby.


The very first month of the year is a name! From the Latin "januarius", the door, he pointed to the god Janus who protected the entrance of cities. The city of Rome dedicated a hill to him, the Janiculum, and the name was taken again to designate the month of January, which opens the doors to the other months of the year. It is celebrated on December 19 in memory of Saint January, Italian bishop died as a martyr in 305. In the cathedral of Naples, there is a 'miracle' of the blood of Saint Janvier which, solid, becomes liquid three times a year, which attracts many tourists.

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A nice idea for a little snow queen! From Spanish "neva", snow, it is a derivative of the name Neige. There is also Neve, the Italian form. So Neva, Snow or Neve for your baby? You choose what you like the most ... the 3 are an original choice. His birthday: August 5th.

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